Youth Ministry

A focused discipleship ministry for students in grades 7-8 (JR High) and grades 9-12 (Sr High)

We aim to make the gospel accessible in age appropriate ways to reveal how we can KNOW GOD, BECOME LIKE JESUS & CHANGE OUR WORLD.  There is so much potential in this age group to lead our church and we don’t want to miss the opportunity to see these values part of their daily lives and culture. 

We use Wednesday evenings (7-9:30) as a venue to study the Bible, engage in directed conversation in small groups, play and build an awesome community.  Other events are planned sporadically, some are simply to have fun, while others have a service project involved. No matter what, it will always point back to the three priorities of KNOW GOD, BECOME LIKE JESUS & CHANGE OUR WORLD. 

Our Student Leadership Team helps students develop leadership and participate in the ongoing planning. Missions experiences, whether overseas or in the province focus on serving people and are exciting opportunities to grow!  Everything we do is part of an intentional ministry to help people become maturing disciples of Jesus.
For more information:
Youth Ministries Team